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  • QTCO Plumbing Trade Certificate
  • I.R.B Registered
  • Certificate for the installation of Solar geysers, Heat pumps and Domestic residential LP Gas installations
  • 10 Years’ Experience in running his own plumbing business doing contracting and maintenance


E-mail: plumbing@ridlconstruction.com

Contact: +27 (0)60 969 9147

Ridl Construction Plumbing Division have a highly technical approach to plumbing, driven by the clear understanding that plumbing is both the cardiovascular as well as the waste system of the home. Thus, there is an extreme importance in the proper functioning of both these elements.

 The plumbing division offers the following services:

  • Drain laying 
  • Septic tanks & French drains/soak away
  • Geysers, heat pumps, solar geysers
  • Cold and hot water reticulation
  • Sanware installation
  • Gas geysers and residential lp gas installations
  • Hydronic underfloor heating
  • Rainwater harvesting & pressure pumps

Maintenance plumbing

  • Clearing blockages – high pressure jetting equipment available
  • Replace burst geysers
  • Leak repairs
  • Bathroom renovations

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